Using CSV files with Ad-Lister

Using CSV files with Ad-Lister In this blog we’ll provide you with some general guidance on using CSV files. But before we begin, what exactly is a CSV file and what does it stand for? What are CSV files?   CSV stands for comma-separated values, a file format (.csv) for spreadsheets. You can use CSV […]

How to scale your eCommerce business in 2021

At first glance, people might think that starting and growing an eCommerce business is relatively easy due to the low barriers of entry into the market and the cheap start-up costs- that isn’t the case at all. The very first issue to keep in mind is that the ease of entry has its drawbacks, it […]

How to become a top-rated seller on eBay in 2021

What exactly is a top-rated seller? As you may already know, it is extremely important for eBay to provide the best customer experience possible. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of competition from other online marketplaces such as Amazon. The way in which eBay ensures a top-notch customer experience is […]

Is selling on Amazon worth it if you’re already selling on eBay?

Is selling on Amazon worth it if you’re already selling on eBay? You’re already a well-known and trustworthy eBay seller, you’ve had your business for a few years now, everything is fine, but you’re looking to expand your horizons.   The next logical step would be Amazon, correct? Well, that depends. Some might say that […]

The main reasons why customers choose to shop online

Online shopping has been growing exponentially each year for the past decade and it’s here to stay. In the age of COVID-19, online shopping has been a necessity, with businesses being forced to adapt to the new circumstances. eCommerce is dominating the consumer playing field as spending preferences and comfort levels radically shift with the […]

Preparing your products for FBA warehousing

What is FBA? Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a great solution for fulfillment with many incredible benefits for your eCommerce business. The process for FBA is relatively simple. After admission into Amazon’s FBA program, you send your selected inventory to Amazon’s storage warehouses and monitor it through their specialized inventory tracking system. However, you […]

Tips for selling on eBay – best practices to improve the performance of your listings

Why should you follow these tips for selling on eBay ?   With over 1.2 billion listings on eBay, competition can be fierce. With each listing competing for the attention of eBay’s 182 million active buyers, sellers have to make sure that they use best practices to get their listings in front of the designated […]

Why are customers abandoning their shopping cart?

Why are customers abandoning their shopping cart?   When it comes to online shopping, every eCommerce store has a big cart-abandonment problem. And some of those lost shoppers simply can’t be converted — they weren’t all that interested in the first place, and no matter what you say, they’re not going to finish their purchase. […]

What are eBay managed payments?

Intro The checkout process can be a delicate issue for online retailers, with many shoppers dropping off just when they’re about to enter their credit card details. Nowadays, due to the ever-evolving expectations of their customers, more and more eCommerce platforms are releasing their own native quick-pay options. These quick-pay options ensure a streamlined process […]

How can customer feedback help improve your business

How can customer feedback help improve your business Customer reviews are one of the most important tools that your company has at its disposal. Every business is doing their best in order to keep their customers happy and loyal, but how can you be sure that your efforts are bringing the desired results?   Customer […]


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