The most haunted items ever sold on eBay

Ah, eBay, the perfect place to pick up unexpected items. You might get a beloved household knickknack, a rare collector’s item…or a curse. Here are the shocking stories of the most haunted items ever sold on eBay. 10. The Anguished Man The second you look into this portrait’s ghastly face, it’s not surprising people think it’s haunted. […]

Adding videos to your eBay listings As of June 2021 you can add videos to your eBay listings through Ad-Lister! Some of you may be saying, big deal! we’ve been able to do this for years now? Previously, you were able to add videos to the descriptions of your listings, by recording a video, uploading […]

Create eBay Promoted Listings campaigns using Ad-Lister

Getting your listings in front of the right audience on eBay can be challenging. A popular marketplace for both shoppers and sellers, getting your products sold on eBay is becoming increasingly difficult for every online seller. Understanding how to advertise on eBay is the key to growing your business on the marketplace. Luckily, there are […]

Tips for eBay product sourcing If you’re ever considered selling products online, then you have to know that the eBay marketplace is an amazing place to start. The platform is easy to navigate, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to start selling, and there are millions of eBay shoppers to sell […]

Customer feedback is one of the most important metrics that you have to look out for when selling on channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and NewEgg. Consumer research has revealed that 91% of buyers read product reviews before purchasing an item. Not only that reviews tell potential customers that your product is worth […]

Variations vs standalone products Many of the items that we list on eBay have distinct variations. This means they could be different sizes, colors, types, etc. Most eBay sellers decide to list these items under one listing, while others prefer to list them individually. But how can we tell which method performs better, and how […]

Creating product kits and bundles can be considered one of the most highly effective eCommerce strategies that works well for businesses in many different industries. Offering kits and bundles is an excellent way to improve inventory management and sell more products without any extra hassle. In this blog post, we will explore how kitting and […]

What is PIM?

You might have heard of the term PIM quite a few times in passing, as it’s a disruptive technology experiencing rapid growth in the retail sector. So what is PIM and what does it stand for?   PIM stands for Product Information Management, a type of software that manages all of the data surrounding the […]


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